10 Decisions Shape Your Life



the brilliant thing about being a woman is that I’m punished for both trusting and distrusting men!

I should magically know which man is going to harm me by having a brief conversation with him. if I trust Bad Men, then, well. I should’ve known. 

if I don’t trust Nice Men though, I’m an utter bitch who deserves violence. don’t I know most men are good people?

I’m sayin doe….

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The rules of engagement are being rewritten by this generation of leaders. Someday they will write books about Ferguson, and the courageous women that are leading the movement. Until then lets stay woke and spread this shit. #FERGUSON #STAYWOKE

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even after being maced, still, we fight. we have nothing to lose but our chains.

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This basically tells me, everyone has an image the world will try to portray you as, but you are so much more. So much better than that. Thank you teen wolf!!

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